Iconic Collector by Balsan

Iconic Collector

COLLECTOR - Opulent yet quirky spaces...


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vert veloursgris feutrine
orange amèrejaune moutarde
noir acierbrun boisé

Opulent yet quirky spaces that are at once sensible, versatile and inclusive will be integrated into previously derelict, suburban neighbourhoods to spectacular effect, injecting new life into neglected carcasses and offering a host of new challenges for bold business angels! The legendary, iconic and prestigious furniture has been meticulously selected: designer armchairs are paired with ultra-chic, modern accessories. Striking contrasts are drawn between exceptional marble, rosewood, gleaming steel, luxurious leathers and these robust, austere concrete structures, and exposed, rehabilitated metal. Enveloping vintage colours: velvet green, mustard yellow, bitter orange, steel black, woody brown.

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