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LES NATURELS collection

Flooring made with natural fibres

Be they structural effects, natural or colourful hues, Balsan has compiled nature's very best properties in a purely plant-based collection. 

Balsan offers its Naturals range, inspired by the floors in stilted houses in Asia and African straw huts. Along and Inca, the two seagrass matting carpets, have played the ultra-natural card to the maximum with only one colour available per product: that which nature bestowed upon them.

On the other hand, Yucatan symbolises the optimisation of sisal's underlying features; this fibre can be dyed without it altering the material at all. Yucatan, as part of the Naturals collection, brings a plant-based touch and intense colours to the table.  

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Since the arrival of Pierre Balsan and his "green factory", the environment has become part of our commitments, hence our wish to create the Naturals range, appropriately named. Made of woven plant-based fibre carpets, the Naturals range is first and foremost the story of two raw materials: Sisal and Seagrass.

The first was named after the Yucatan harbour in Mexico. It is a noble, supple and long fibre, originating from Agave Sisalana leaves - a South American sub-tropical plant. The plant's fibres are recovered by rinsing the leaves in water and pressing them. They are then washed, dried and threaded. Used from the outset for roping, sisal has remained a highly acclaimed natural floor covering, thanks to its pretty decorative effect in a home. If the natural colour is creamy white, the sisal is perfect for using intense colours.

On the other hand, seagrass is a smooth and soft fibre originating from an aquatic plant, that grows in estuaries. Its main advantages: artisanal feel, natural colours and high resistance.

For increased lifespan, Balsan recommends that you avoid laying the Yucatan product (from the Naturals range) in rooms likely to be exposed to water.
Both aesthetic and comfortable, these floor coverings - sisal and seagrass - fit in perfectly with all your interior styles, creating a lively, modern, welcoming and warm atmosphere!

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