until 31 March 2022

Balsan invites its customers and brand ambassadors to visit its showroom on Rue de la Verrerie, in the heart of Paris, to explore design, sustainable development and acoustic absorption.

Designed as an immersive experience in the heart of nature, this new decor features the latest CYP-Colortec+ technology, the new Take a Walk carpet tile collection and the Symbiance LVT Rigid Clic, Stoneage NRB and Tramontane NRB acoustic solutions. This year, Balsan partnered with Etoffes & Déclinaison, a French manufacturer of personalised textile interior decoration, to add to this decor with curtains and wallpaper matching Balsan's personalised flooring.

Step into a remote immersive experience in the BALSAN 2022 POP-UP STORE and take the virtual tour: (click on the link below)


CYP-Colortec+: technology that’s unique in Europe

Balsan is always innovating. Its latest cutting-edge tuft technology, the CYP-Colortec+, makes it possible to create endless custom designs with great design precision, incomparable comfort and an extensive range of colours.

Vision Of Elegance: The first Standard CYP-Colortec+ collection

Balsan’s new Vision of Elegance collection draws inspiration from some classic motifs (Art Deco, Toile de Jouy, etc.) and gives them an all-new contemporary twist. Designed for different types of hotel spaces, this collection of pile carpets benefits from CYP-Colortec+ latest-generation tufting technology, which combines design precision, comfort and chromatic richness. Immerse yourself in a world of customised, unique decoration with four tonal moods ranging from warm beiges to bold pinks.

Take a Walk: Like rambling through the forest

The new Take a Walk carpet tile collection brings up the same emotions as time spent in a welcoming, soothing and invigorating natural setting. An invitation to take a stroll through the forest, and a breath of fresh air in your office spaces.

Silence: acoustics by Balsan!

Balsan carpets are a real solution to loud spaces. They offer a double advantage in the relentless fight against noise pollution: reduction of impact noises (footsteps, collisions, etc.) and absorption of airborne sounds (conversations, ringtones, any noise which travels through the air).

Balsan combines sound insulation and respect for the environment with its Sonic Confort, NRB (Noise Reduction Backing) and Confort+ acoustic backing. These highly efficient insulating felts are made almost entirely of recycled materials. It is particularly recommended for open-plan business premises, offering a more peaceful work setting.

Rigid Clic Acoustic LVT: Say yes to LVT, say no to noise!

Balsan is launching an integrated acoustic solution (18 dB), LVT Rigid Click Acoustic, to complete the SYMBIANCE range. The clip-together “Unipush” system is suitable for large surface areas. The stone and wood aspects of these LVT planks work alongside textile flooring to create a resolutely unique play on textures and formats. This acoustic LVT plank has many advantages for all your hotel and office interiors.