Green Hope

Green Hope

Entwined among the foliage and soil, a green, naturally endowed with all the virtues...

Green Hope is a sophisticated almond green carpet colour with a natural essence that evokes the tough skin of almonds. The almond tree gives fruit covered with a light, velvety green shell containing the husk in which the precious almond is found.

Green Hope is an almond green, light and redolent of foliage, very subtly folded with a soil colour, a soft green-grey pastel, elegant and with a soft velvet touch. A comfortable, maternal, sensory and infinitely reassuring colour belonging to a palette of colours loved by Northern European, Scandinavian countries traditionally known for their affinity to nature and the conservation of the environment.

Green Hope is a colour that augers well for the planet.

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A fascinating symbol 

The inspiration for Green Hope is the soft green colour of an almond, a fruit with so many virtues. Low in water consumption, resistant to both drought and cold, the almond tree produces almonds in which a seedling grows, guaranteeing its ability to reproduce and regenerate. Carrying messages of renewal, rebirth, fertility and purity, the almond-green carpet colour Green Hope is therefore the manifestation of a new hope for the planet. It is the almond tree that blooms first every year and announces spring. Like the almond tree, the almond-green colour of Green Hope heralds the renewal of the cycle of nature and the planet. Like the dominant values of our times, it announces a new focus on ecology, better environmental awareness and a strong desire for us and the planet itself to be able to start anew, with the future of nature and humankind intertwined. The message conveyed by the almond green of Green Hope is therefore a favourable sign of reconciliation, the promise of a new era of respect for the Earth and benevolence for humanity. More than ever, Green Hope and its almond colour are messages of resilience, empathy and a gentle and caring nature.

A colour between two worlds

Green Hope belongs to the family of greens. It's a soothing and peaceful almond green that evokes the colours of nature and the earth, reflecting an inner harmony between the natural elements. Blending the combined virtues of the green/earth pairing, Green Hope’s almond green is a colour of great stability, a reflection of an interior balance, self-control and serene soothing.

Green Hope, in line with the preoccupations of our time and the zeitgeist, heralds this new sincere attention to nature, our ecological awareness vis-à-vis our planet, reflecting our concern for the environment, recyclability and the circularity of industrial products. A beautiful, calm and generous colour reflecting Balsan’s already long-standing commitment to ecology, imbued with an environmental conscience calling on us to improve our relationship with the Earth, to create a better partnership based on respect, preservation and peace.

This is what makes Green Hope such a beautiful colour, bringing hope for the future. 

At Balsan, Green Hope, the colour of creativity for 2023-2024, is a sign of the brand’s renewed and increasingly committed relationship with nature and the environment.

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