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Few colours are as communicative, bold and expressive as orange. The colour and fruit are so perfectly aligned with one another that our language even melds together and unites them in a single word. Orange expresses a direct and dazzling message that speaks spontaneously to all our senses and areas of perception. It owes its sensuality to its exotic origins and radiates with beauty for our eyes, nose, tongue and touch. Freighted with solar energy, orange is glowing, warm, friendly and supportive. It warms up all kinds of decors, providing a splash of colour which is particularly indispensable to the sober world of contemporary interior design in which fashionable, strictly neutral greys reign supreme alongside raw, natural shades.

Orange owes its qualities to its namesake fruit’s near-sacred mythical origins. Oranges are the golden fruit found in Hesperides’ garden, a godly treasure brought by Hercules when he completed his 12 labours. Of all the colours, orange most ably evokes light, glistening gold and our dazzling sun, varying like the latter all through the day, from dawn to the highest point in the sky and midday, back down to sunset and twilight. Together, these moments offer a radiant colour range.

Orange – the colour of time and of light – has always been rooted in modernity, expressing vivacity and wit, a natural bolt from the blue that invigorates a decor, peps up a harmony or rocket-charges an interior design project.

Our Times Are Orange

Tastes and colours change and evolve over time. Orange’s elegant, chic character got a little lost in the mid-20th century, when the creators of the pop era only used it for its vivacious, loud qualities. It was the height of fashion during the era of psychedelia, creating a striking pairing with deep brown, but this association long relegated orange to the ranks of bad taste or second-best colours. But times have changed and fashions with them: orange is back in a big way, and it is no flash in the pan. It has become a perennial feature of interior design thanks to its sumptuous new partner colours. It adds some vim to white, makes for a bold contrast with grey and pulses magically with pink or red. It can provide a jolting contrast to complementary colours such as cobalt, turquoise and deep sea blue, or audaciously bump up against all kinds of yellowy-greens.

Orange is a colour that expresses joie de vivre, euphoria and dynamism. It combines all the virtues of red and yellow with its unadulterated vitamin-rich energy, vitality, and insouciance. It is peppy, warm, exuberant and filled with joy. It bursts with vim and vigour, to the delight of everyone who sees it. There is something contagious about this communicative colour’s happiness, perhaps because it owes its goodness to the fact it is both forthright and vibrant, direct and elemental, rich and generous. Welcoming, warm and expansive, oranges provides the perfect backdrop for dialogue, giving us a craving for new life experiences, rejuvenation and creativity. For interior designers and decorators, orange and its natural energy are a zesty source of inspiration that gives their projects considerable visibility.

Orange covers a vast and rich spectrum of shades. It includes everything from terracotta’s ultra-soft nuances to its more fiery origins, fruity hints of ripeness and insatiable appetites and dazzling flashes of light, fire and brilliance. Because it takes on so many shades – tangy to icy, acidic to spicy, wholesome to thrilling – orange has vital power. This is the power of energy, vitality, dynamism and joie de vivre. Orange is genuinely bold, revivifying and active – perhaps even hyperactive. It is far more than a fashion choice or a trend – in decorative and design projects, orange expresses a style that is audacious, optimistic, eye-catching and immensely effective. All in all, there is no better way of boosting a colour profile.

Orange is the perfect way to punctuate a colour scheme and add an extra dash of warmth or an unexpected zesty flourish.

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