MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection

Jungle - Planks Bold lines

A single thread, infinite colours, available in 2 formats

A single thread, infinite colours, available in 2 formats

As colour is part of our DNA, Balsan created Jungle, its bold lines running energetically through buildings.  Available in strip format, Jungle – Planks is the awakening of instinct, with a floor of original colours inspired by those found in nature. Transposed to the world of work, the 9 colours of Jungle - Planks alternate between vivid and natural colours, bringing more light into communal spaces.

Jungle – Planks: a concept as wild as it is colourful: Infini Colors, bringing innovation to the market. This collection is made of 100% regenerated Econyl fibres, dyed by Balsan.  This is why Jungle – Planks is so striking. Just right for mixing and combining in any way with Boléro – Planks and Pilote² - Planks.

It’s time to break the rules!
  • The era of big, uniform carpets spread across every floor is over!
  • With their colours, patterns, materials and mixtures of plain effects, patterns and formats, carpet tiles and strips and broadloom carpets break up monotonous spaces, demarcate your interiors, design paths, create islands and much more besides.
  • Carpet strips can also be laid in chevrons like parquet. A way to make your meeting rooms stand out, perhaps?
  • To help you design your flooring, you have access to our digital Design Studio app and the experts in our Design Office.  
Light and reflected light
  • Did you know? Reflected light is an indicator of visual comfort.
  • The stronger the sunlight, the more reflected light there is.
  • A pale office carpet will make your space lighter, but it will need more care.
  • Visual comfort: choose your carpet tiles and strips’ colour to suit the amount of light in your workplace.
Tiles and strips: modular carpets!
  • Offices are made to be modular and to adapt to the often rapid changes in the modern workplace.
  • Carpet tiles or strips are a perfect way to respond to this reality. Movable and repositionable, they allow you to:
    • easily access under-floor areas for maintenance;
    • replace damaged tiles;
    • swap tiles for practical or aesthetic reasons.
French quality at affordable prices for your office!
  • All our broadloom carpets, tiles and planks are made in France: this not only guarantees quality but also demonstrates your corporate social responsibility.
  • No other flooring brings as many benefits to a company as a carpet. These include employee well-being (sound insulation), durability, savings (heat insulation), environmental benefits (reduced energy usage), signposting and health advantages (trapping allergens).
  • Balsan carpets offer you the best value for money!
Sizes and colors available
9 colours
Jungle - Planks - BBack
9 colours 9 à partir d'1 carton
Mix with...
MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection
MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection
MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection
MIX UP - PLANKS - Collection

Technical details


Carpet in planks, structured loop pile
100% regenerated nylon ECONYL®
Weight of pile
770 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
4365 g/m²
Total thickness
6.8 mm
Height of pile
3.4 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763
Tightening - NF ISO 1763
197400 points/m²
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 25 dB
Airborne noise absorption
αω 0.20
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
0,17 m² C°/W


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INFINI COLORS collection
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