Sydney DD A carpet straight from nature

A symbol of Balsan's DNA

A symbol of Balsan's DNA

In the same vein as the Les Greens Confort range, and other carpets produced by Balsan, Sydney DD symbolises our ability to create unique colours. This soft pile is available in a wide 24-colour range of products, with hues inspired by nature. Sydney DD is the key to extreme softness in a bedroom and/or lounge.

As the perfect ally for hotels and individual homes, Sydney DD is a 650-gram broadloom carpet which is exclusively composed of polyamide. Sydney DD is available in 4-metre rolls, with a double backing, and can easily be combined with products from the Design Concept range, for a tailor-made floor design.

Luxury designer carpets that add colour to your hotel!
  • Colour affects the ambiance of a room, whether it’s a lobby, living area or bedroom.
  • Whether they are in broadloom, tile or strip format, carpets give you unbeatable creative freedom with their inexhaustible colour palettes, from patterned to printed and more.
  • Avoid light colours and instead opt for darker floorings, which are more durable and even more stylish.
  • Make your hotel unique by personalising your carpet colour and pattern, whether you are looking for corridor, lobby or bedroom carpets.
  • And how about giving each bedroom its own character using differently coloured carpets? 
"Affordable flooring, designed & made in France! or: Quality, affordability, environmental protection!"
  • • You can benefit from all Balsan’s expertise, for all our textile floorings, whichever type of carpet you choose (broadloom carpets, carpet tiles or strips)! Even if you have a limited budget for your hotel decoration, Balsan has a solution for you thanks to our affordably priced, made-in-France designer carpets.
    • Make energy savings: carpets retain 12% more heat than hard floorings!
    • Perfect for lobbies, bedrooms, living areas and corridors, carpets are an economical and environmentally-friendly investment.

Carpets - a dust filter for your hotel!
  • Did you know? Carpets act as a filter: they halve the number of fine particles and allergens such as pollen and dust mites in the air. !
  • Did you think that carpets were a haven for dust mites?  Well, think again! Dust mites are everywhere in your interiors, particularly in your bedding.
  • Regular care (such as vacuuming and airing) is enough to eliminate dust mites and remove dust from carpet, keeping your floor healthy.
  • Balsan’s broadloom carpets and carpet tiles have won GUT ecolabel accreditation and release 40 times fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) than the legal limit.
Make your hotel stand out from the crowd!
  • Customise your carpet (broadloom or tiles) with just a few clicks using Balsan’s Design Studio customisation app:
    • customise your pattern using the Balsan studio library;
    • choose colours to complement your hotel’s décor; 
    • choose your texture type, and you’re done!
  • Get in touch with the Design Studio or call Balsan’s technical support team for help creating your own design!
Sizes and colors available
28 colours
Sydney DD - Action back
28 colours 28 à partir des 4 m2
Sydney DD
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Moquette Sydney DD AQUA125
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Technical details


100% Nylon
Tufted carpet, cut pile
Weight of pile
650 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
1650 g/m²
Total thickness
7.0 mm
Height of pile
4.8 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763
Tightening - NF ISO 1763
237000 points/m²
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 24 dB
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
< 0,15 m² C°/W


U3P3E1C0 - 04/060


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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