Collection pilote 3D dalle de moquette standard rain

PILOTE 3D collection

An all-new collection built around the Pilote tileAn all-new collection built around the Pilote tile

First it was one tile. Then two. Now, there is a whole collection dedicated to the Pilote concept.

Over time, Balsan has developed real technical expertise that enables it to create carpet tiles that offer effective solutions to the challenges of workspaces.

The brightly coloured Pilote² and our former product Eco-Pilote are just two of the solutions Balsan has introduced to optimise well-being at work. With its Pilote 3D collection, Balsan is creating new possibilities that appeal to as many people as possible while bringing added comfort to offices. 

Collection pilote 3D dalle de moquette dessin sur mesure zephyrCollection pilote 3D dalle de moquette dessin sur mesure alize

The new Pilote 3D collection has 5 custom designs: Alize, Zéphyr, Mistral, Simoun and Sirocco, which can be ordered in 12 office-ready colours. From the colour palate to the carpet itself, every tiny detail has been studied to ensure that the products in the Pilote 3D range work beautifully and simply in offices.

Emerging from the headwinds, this collection is crowned by Rain (formerly Pilote 3D), a structured loop-pile tile with a gentle sense of relief. It is available as standard alongside the new patterns dotted throughout this new range.

The Pilote 3D collection can be combined with Pilote² to great effect.


From an idea to completion in a single step

Choose Balsan's personalisation option and carpet your space a thoroughly different way.

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