Nexus Concept

Nexus Link Sonic Confort Textured carpet tile, made from solution-dyed Econyl® yarn, the latest addition to the Nexus concept

With Nexus Link Sonic Confort, combining Balsan carpets is child's play

With Nexus Link Sonic Confort, combining Balsan carpets is child's play

Nexus Link Sonic Confort is a new superior quality carpet for heavy footfall areas, and the latest addition to the innovative Nexus layout concept, designed to be used to your heart's content in all your hotel and office spaces. Designed with a contrasting, graduated pattern, the Nexus Link carpet tile is available in the same colour palette as our French Couture broadloom carpets and multi-format tile collection - Carré Couture - so that you can bring a stylish, timeless feel to your interiors.

Nexus Link Sonic Confort heavy duty carpet tiles are easy to lay in combination with broadloom and patterned textile carpet squares. This hotel or office carpet allows you to demarcate communal areas in your reception and work spaces.

Have fun with boundary effects using our Nexus Link Sonic Confort designer carpet tiles to enhance your broadloom carpet layout and create high-end contemporary spaces. Used on their own, create the unexpected with a random floor layout to create a truly graphic effect! Composed of 100% solution-dyed recycled Econyl polyamide yarn, Nexus is both environmentally friendly and resistant to fading and heavy footfall. Follow advice from Balsan, a premium carpet manufacturer to understand why you should think about carpet composition when you're buying.

Carpets - your first line of defence against noise!
  • Clicking heels, rolling chairs, things being dropped, comings and goings in the corridors… At work, noise is one of the biggest stress factors, particularly in open-plan offices.                 
  • Carpets are the most effective floorings when it comes to alleviating unwanted noise, reducing impact noise by 25 to 34 dB.
  • Choosing a Sonic Confort carpet tile or adding a Sonic Booster Layer also allows you to reduce the hubbub that you find in every office, such as talking, ringing phones and clicking keyboards.
Econyl®, the recycled fibre which gives the sea a helping hand!
  • Over the years, so many nylon fishing nets have accumulated on the ocean floor, posing a threat to fish and marine life.
  • In partnership with Aquafil, our long-standing supplier of polyamide thread, Balsan recycles old fishing nets recovered from the sea. 
  • The Econyl® regeneration system depolymerises the nets and transforms them into nylon fibres which are then reused in Balsan’s 100% made in France multi-format broadloom carpets, carpet tiles and strips.
  • Your company can do its bit by choosing an environmentally-friendly carpet by Balsan!
Caring for your carpet is easy with Full Colors
  • Cleanliness is, of course, essential to your employees’ well-being and to your image when you have visitors.
  • Full Colors solution-dyed polyamide carpet tiles keep their freshness day after day:
    • the pigment is integrated into the fibre, right through to its core, meaning the carpet is more resistant to stains as well as sunlight;
    • if mud, coffee or food stains require a deep clean, our carpet tiles withstand the use of even the harshest cleaning products.
When good things happen by chance…
  • Sales, financial management, human resources, innovation, communication, IT security… There are so many things to get on top of in the business world. So why not relax when it comes to your flooring?
  • Just choose a pattern and a colour scheme and be amazed by a random office carpet layout and the air of insouciance it brings!
  • You can figure out your carpet’s layout as it is being laid or generate it using Balsan’s visualiser. The visualiser allows you to choose from several random layouts. 
Sizes and colors available
7 colours
Nexus Link Sonic Confort - Feltback
7 colours 7 à partir des >200 m2
Nexus Link Sonic Confort
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Technical details


Structured loop pile carpet tile - MBrodery Technology
100% regenerated solution dyed nylon ECONYL®
Weight of pile
850 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
5230 g/m²
Total thickness
10.8 mm
Height of pile
3.6 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763
Tightening - NF ISO 1763
126 400 points/m²
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 32 dB
Airborne noise absorption
αω 0.30
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
0,17 m² C°/W




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