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Palace Like tiles but oh-so-soft

The ideal solution-dyed broadloom luxury carpet for decorating your hotel

The ideal solution-dyed broadloom luxury carpet for decorating your hotel

The stylish print on our Palace carpet conjures up a new, undulating landscape which you will never tire of contemplating. It’s as if a whirlwind has broken up the initial symmetry, creating an improbable patchwork that is both irrational and madly poetic. Light and dark texture effects randomly accentuate the uneven look of carpet segments which have been spun around and transformed. In a hotel bedroom, this luxury carpet creates a stylish dynamic reminiscent of mosaic tiles - but these ones don’t freeze the soles of your feet. All the luxury designer carpets in the Grand Hotel Collection have a pile weight of 1.25 kg, so they are the last word in comfort! Composed of 100% solution-dyed fibres, these hotel carpets are hardwearing enough for even the heaviest footfall and resistant to UV.

Full Colors: making it even easier to care for your hotel carpet!
  • Cleanliness is key to your hotel’s image and essential for customer satisfaction.
  • Caring for your carpet is easy with Full Colors solution-dyed polyamide textile floorings:
    • the pigment is integrated right through to the fibre’s core, meaning the carpet is more resistant to stains as well as sunlight;
    • if mud, coffee or food stains mean your carpet or rug needs a deep clean, Balsan designs can withstand even the harshest cleaning products.
Balsan carpets: the art of living, French-style!
  • Balsan’s designers and technical experts create exceptional quality luxury multi-format carpets (broadloom, tiles and strips) which enhance both your hotel’s image and your customers’ wellbeing.
  • French Couture, Carré Couture, Dare Your Dreams, Territoires and more With our exclusive, custom carpet designs, give your interiors innovative, stylish and luxurious textile floorings.
  • At Balsan we are known throughout the world for the quality and elegance of our collections and our renowned carpets are recommended by numerous interior designers and decorators. 
Comfortable, calm and delightful
  • Carpets instantly create that relaxed, snug atmosphere customers are looking for in a hotel.
  • In the lobby, a beautiful, comfortable and durable carpet sets the tone for the kind of wellbeing experience your guest will enjoy throughout their stay.
  • In the hotel’s living area and bar, a carpet means that customers can make a quiet entrance, without causing others to stop and stare.
  • In bedrooms, an extra thick carpet is perfect for encouraging customers to kick off their shoes and make themselves at home. It is, without doubt, the best floor covering for a relaxing room.
Make your hotel stand out from the crowd!
  • Customise your carpet (broadloom or tiles) with just a few clicks using Balsan’s Design Studio customisation app:
    • customise your pattern using the Balsan studio library;
    • choose colours to complement your hotel’s décor; 
    • choose your texture type, and you’re done!
  • Get in touch with the Design Studio or call Balsan’s technical support team for help creating your own design!
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Technical details


100% regenerated solution dyed nylon ECONYL®
Tufted carpet, Level Cut Loop pile
Weight of pile
1250 g/m²
Total weight (g/m²) - NF ISO 8543
2520 g/m²
Total thickness
8.2 mm
Height of pile
5.4 mm
Gauge - NF ISO 1763
Tightening - NF ISO 1763
197500 points/m²
Impact noise insulation
ΔLw 27 dB
Airborne noise absorption
αω 0.25
Antistatic velvet
Thermal resistance
< 0,15 m² C°/W
Design repeat : Width x Height (cm)
132 x 130


U3P3E1C0 - 21/328
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