A@W 2021

Architect@Work 2021

Make way for the products of the season!

After this relaxing summer break, we are definitely in the mood to dive back in and create a new setting to start off on the right foot. A much-anticipated season, filling us with the hope of a fresh start.

Get ready for exciting new collections that will make us fall in love with autumn. Creativity remains a source of positivity and boosts our mood, don’t you think?

For an optimistic, sustainable and stylish start to the season, join the Balsan team at the various ARCHITECT@WORK trade shows:

  • 23 & 24 September: at the Paris trade show, stand n°11 to discover the Wild Nature collection;
  • 6 & 7 October: at the Zurich trade show, stand n°67 to discover the Wild Nature collection;
  • 21 & 22 October: at the Kortrijk trade show, stand n°10 to discover the Color Scale collection;
  • 27 & 28 October: at the Düsseldorf trade show, stand n°21 to discover the Wild Nature collection.


Wild Nature by Balsan, bringing the wilderness into your workspace!

With the advent of remote working, most of us have realised the importance of creating our own cosy space to bolster our concentration and productivity. We also feel an overwhelming urge to reconnect with the power, beauty and freedom of wild nature. In order to reconcile our workspaces with our inherent need for the energy stemming from natural, unspoiled places, Balsan has developed WILD NATURE, a new collection of carpets inspired by plants, minerals and water, all pivotal to our well-being and serenity.

Three inspirations: plants, minerals and water

Balsan is embodying the principles of biophilia, the innate tendency to seek connections with nature, through three inspirations – plants, minerals and water – and has created a collection of 6 designs.

Flourishing vegetation, full of vitality with Mangrove and Eden HD patterns. Primeval minerals bringing strength and stability, such as Gypse and Atlas HD. Water, a source of life and solace, with Cyclades and Baltique HD.

Innovation and respect for nature

BALSAN uses innovative CYP Colorpoint technology to bring out the shapes, colours and movements encountered in these incredibly stimulating environments. All of the carpet tiles are made in our Balsan factories in France, and only from 100% recycled and recyclable solution-dyed Econyl yarn. Finally, our three “HD” patterns, which all boast a particularly generous tuft (1050 g/m2 instead of 850). All our tiles can be matched effortlessly with other designs from the Wild Nature collection as well as with plain carpets (Pilote², Nexus, etc.) or LVT flooring (Symbiance).


Grey Matter – Color Scale by Balsan, the new art of working!

What if there was a source of well-being in the office? With Grey Matter textile flooring, Balsan introduces a new, high-quality office carpet collection: Color Scale. The series boasts cutting-edge technology (Mbrodery), bringing together limitless creativity, extreme sophistication and exceptional durability.

The Grey Matter - Color Scale tiles and planks also come with increased sound absorption (NRB underlay), which offers ideal acoustic comfort for working peacefully in open-plan offices (tiles: ΔLw 28/αω 0.35 – planks: ΔLw 30/αω 0.35).

Lastly, made using solution-dyed yarn, the Grey Matter - Color Scale carpets combine a sustainable solution, easy maintenance and high UV resistance.

Grey Matter is available in 6 designs (4 in tiles and 2 in planks): Crazy, Genius, Matrix, Mind, Signal and Stimuli. Each is inspired by a different creative energy, so that you can create stimulating offices and co-working spaces to get those little grey cells working.