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Working from home or part-time, sole trading, co-working, flex office space… our ways of working and relationship with our jobs have changed radically in recent years. The recruitment and retention of talented employees has become key to the success of a business. This has led companies to rethink how they are organised, fundamentally transforming workspaces.

These changes have provided architects and designers with an amazing opportunity to innovate, as can be seen from the many design and architecture exhibitions and events dedicated to the subject.

In addition to a demand for more friendly, welcoming work environments, the concept of well-being at work has recently become a major focus for the sector.

The central challenge for all contemporary workspaces lies in improving employees’ quality of life and well-being. Both these concepts are covered by the Well Standard, for example, which has introduced new building standards and encourages companies to adopt a 100% people-centric approach in order to boost both the performance and the well-being of employees.

With its strong track record in the development of practical and attractive flooring solutions, sound proofing and designer carpet tiles, Balsan has proved itself to be a key partner for businesses responding to this changing landscape.



Welcome nature into your office

Several recent studies have demonstrated that introducing natural features and plants into a working environment has a positive impact on the well-being, productivity and creativity of employees.

Workplaces increasingly incorporate patios and living walls. Patterned and textured carpet, carpet tiles and planks provide a superb medium for decoration and texture.

Across its collections, Balsan constantly defends our wonderful blue planet and all its glories.

As part of a circular economy approach, we use innovative Econyl yarn made from recycled fishing nets. This means post-industrial and post-consumer waste is converted into an eco-friendly carpet bursting with colour!

Our Macro Micro - Canopy to Bark collection is the result of an interplay of perspectives that presents varying levels of structure. The collection invites contemplation of a forest, from a broad view of the tree-top canopy to a close-up of bark. The eye invents new focal points and enjoys the hint of poetry that graces your designer interiors.

Balsan is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. We use digital textile printing, enabling us to produce printed office carpets, perfect for your office spaces. Our matchless expertise in this technology allows us to colour carpet fibres, which increases resistance to discolouration and offers infinite design possibilities with custom printed carpets available from 800 m2.



French Couture - Oscar

The workplace transformed into a friendly, welcoming space where sharing is what it’s all about

The flex office and co-working concepts have dramatically changed the way we organise and divide offices. Accommodating colleagues for short periods of time, improvised workshops, more formal meetings – the working day is now characterised by mobile working.

We are working alongside each other, together, alone, publicly and privately. Commercial office floorings are now being used as great way to guide people through a building and set the tone of different areas.

Half-patterned, half plain-effect transition carpet tiles can be used to create rhythm and movement between spaces, with “fade-out” areas.

Nexus Link, a new office carpet tile for heavy traffic areas, can be used to demarcate the sections that people need to use to move around. It is highly resistant to discolouration and intensive wear and makes a perfect partner for our French Couture and Carré Couture collections, enabling you to create distinct and very stylish spaces.

Balsan’s office carpet collections enable you to create pathways to guide employees and visitors through your building as well as areas where people can get together and quiet, private offices.




Color Scale - Mind & Genius & Boléro

The art of living well - at work

Nowadays, companies consider it a priority to reduce employees’ stress levels – and as a result absenteeism – and to create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere in which they will feel at ease and enjoy working.

Psychological and emotional well-being can be boosted in a number of ways: office layouts, decors, colour schemes, light – all are subject to carefully planning.

Air quality must be regularly monitored to ensure air is clean and that fine particles are kept to a minimum. As well as its soundproofing quality, carpet acts as an air filter, cutting the amount of dust and dust mites in the air by a half. To keep office carpets clean and reduce the amount of dust mite allergens present, all you need to do is vacuum the carpet.

At work, natural light can energise, it can soothe the soul and foster clear thinking.

Jungle Planks by Balsan electrifies your flooring with fresh new colours. With its 9 colourways, Jungle Planks alternates bright and natural shades to help bring light into your communal areas and offices. Mix and match the range in whatever way takes your fancy with Boléro - Planks and Pilote² - Planks for the perfect office interior.

Grey Matter, our new commercial office carpet collection, is designed to stimulate creativity. Drawing inspiration from concrete and the urban environment, the collection brings together material-effect patterns in multiple shades of grey to create its own totally contemporary take on office flooring.



With a whole host of colours, patterns, materials and formats available, Balsan floorings and carpet tiles are a means of designing modular, customised and comfortable office interiors complete with acoustic insulation. The unique visual identity created by a Balsan product can reflect your company’s values and ethos and contribute to its reputation and appeal among employees and clients alike.