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INFINI COLORS collection

One thread, never-ending colours

Balsan drew from its very best know-how to bring colour into the workspace.

A first on the market: Balsan dyes its 100% polyamide recycled Econyl yarn itself, thus offering a large palette of colours - 33 to be exact - from essential neutrals to vibrant tones. Products can be dyed upon request, meaning that the range can be extended indefinitely.

Infini colors collection carpet tile Stone age greyInfini colors collection carpet tile Rock orange

Redefine your notion of colour with Stone Age, a textile flooring with a tone-on-tone patina effect. Time in no way affects this structured textile tile, to be coloured as much as you please. In the same vein, Jungle and its bold lines seem to make buildings vibrate, awakening a sense of instinct. In a Wild spirit, Rock breaks loose and creates a wonderful combination of mineral and natural effects.

The collection is available for random laying in the Up to You range, and with a Sonic Confort backing for sound silence that will enable you to hear the colours as they beat through the floor.


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